Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 10 -- The Thermometer - Believe or Not

The sun was shining and the temperature looked pretty good, so I bundled both Lucy and Belle, tucked them into the double stroller with a blanket over their knees.

We were off for a short walk while their mother was away.

The thermometer did not say anything about the wind! It was "passing through!"
The sun decided to play hide and seek with the clouds! I thought we should just go back home.
The girls were laughing as their tiny fingers got cold and their noses turned red and Lucy said, "Go that way."
We kept walking for another block and I spotted a brass marker in the sidewalk for today's photo.

Finally, I decided we had had enough. Just as we turned around, my daughter drove up, popped hats on heads and mittens on fingers. She got back in her car and we raced her home. The short walk was a really short walk!

Next time I check the thermometer, I believe I'll pop my head out to check the wind as well.

Note about the marker: The markers, which are rapidly disappearing, were placed by my husband's uncle's company which laid the sidewalks more than 60 years ago. We are so familiar with them, we have sometimes overlooked them, but are now often surprised to find them at all.

Only a half mile
200 Miles in 100 Days

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