Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New place to walk; new things to see

When I first started writing this little blog, I lived just 4 blocks from the Savannah River in a downtown neighborhood. A marble slab on the Riverwalk indicated the 200 mile Mark. Hmmm.... I thought. Maybe I should walk 2 miles each day for 100 days and write about that day. I didn't make 200 miles!

As things happen, I stopped posting but kept observing what made each day different than the day before.

So now I am no longer in a downtown neighborhood, but 30 miles further up River. It's perhaps 2 miles from the water as the crow flies -- in the middle of a rural community where donkeys keep the coyotes away, birds call out a "snake, snake" warning to those who listen and crawfish swim in the spring. I'm learning about the folks who probably walked this land -- Trail Blazer William Bartram, Methodist Circuit Rider Francis Asbury, Explorer Meriwhether Lewis, the Mother of Historian Laughton B. Evans and lots more!

This time I'll try to share for 100 days - no miles!

Some days you just can't keep your feet on the ground during a walk in the park. 

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